WIZ Development and Services SRL (WIZ)

WIZ Development and Services (WIZ) is an SME specialized in complex systems with a unique combination of expertise in dynamic data ontologies, artificial intelligence staking and human-centered interfaces. WIZ is a digital pathmaker for large scale projects and their know-how has been validated through R&D projects, commercial services and tech-transfer activities.

INTERSTORES Project role

WIZ will support the data operations, data mananet strategies, digital twin models, middleware development and the end-user application that helps confirm the business cases and open the INTERSTORES components to extensions and integrations.

Contact person

Mihai Sorostinean – Operations Manager

office @ wizresearch.com
mihai.sorostinean @ wizreseach.com

„INTERSTORES is a pragmatic approach that has the chance to prove and improve the market acceptance and adoption of innovative renewable energy solutions“
Dr. Alex Butean
CEO of WIZ Research