Vantaa Energy

Vantaa Energy is a leading Finnish urban energy company with an ambitious objective to be a carbon-negative circular economy energy company by 2030. Vantaa Energy’s investment plans aim to decarbonize Finland’s fourth-largest city’s district heating system with smart recycling of energy and materials. Vantaa Energy wants to phase out the incineration of recyclable waste, improve material reuse and capture CO2 emissions for storage and use in sustainable products.

INTERSTORES Project role

Vantaa Energy is planning to build the world’s largest seasonal thermal energy storage in Vantaa. The storage would allow waste heat and surplus heat from waste-to-energy to be stored during the summer when heating demand is low and used during winter frosts when heating demand is high. Resource efficiency will increase through the use of waste heat. 

About 90 % of Vantaa residents live in homes connected to heating network and therefore the stored heat can be easily transported to the residents.

Contact person

Laura Ristolainen

laura.ristolainen @

”Vantaa is the fourth largest city in Finland and 90% of the residents of Vantaa are connected to the district heating network. We at Vantaa Energy aim to decarbonize the city of Vantaa district heating network by 2030. De-risking our strategic Cavern Thermal Heat Storage Project via INTERSTORES Project boosts our pathway towards carbon neutrality.”
Matias Siponen
Business Development Manager