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Geological Survey of Finland GTK: Solutions to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, carbon-neutral world 

The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) produces impartial and objective research data and services in support of decision-making in industry, academia, and wider society to accelerate the transition to a sustainable, carbon-neutral world. GTK employs more than 400 experts specializing in the mineral economy, circular economy, solutions related to energy, water and the environment, as well as digital solutions. GTK is a research institution governed by the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy, operating in Finland and globally.

INTERSTORES project role

GTK shall provide insight into the significance of structural geology in CTES projects and create guidelines for future CTES projects to take geology appropriately into account. GTK shall study the bedrock behaviour around CTES through modelling and field measurements, conduct scenario studies in different geological settings to reveal concept transferability, and address legal and environmental aspects of CTES projects to contribute to the market potential assessment of high-temperature CTES.

Contact person

Sanna Tuominen - Communications and Sustainability

sanna.tuominen @

„As GTK is a leading geothermal research organisation in Finland, the INTERSTORES project will have a significant influence on spreading understanding of geological factors related to underground energy storage planning.“
Teppo Arola
Chief Expert